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Highly Recommended

Worked with their team and they connected me with a expert that asisted us find a great space. Would recommend them!

Steve McQuinn

Wonderful Experience

They offered a great service, like no other that I have experienced. Their staff is very friendly and always willing to help. Thank you.

Richard Williams

Saved Us Money

Worked with them and they helped us find a local expert that not only saved us valuable time and money. Great help.

Roy Silverstein


Expert assistance find using us a great location. Showed us serveral options and found a great place, at the right price.

Michael Halper

Great Service

Under a short timeline they emailed options, arranged tours and helped in negotiotions. Excellent service, I highly recommend.

Mark Halper

Excellent Service

They made finding a new space easy. They were determind to finiding me a space that met my needs and budget. Great job!

Richard Wattsr

Very Helpful

I can't imagine finding space without your assistance. Helped us find a very nice space. Will use your service in the again.

Mark Stein

Exteremly Helpful

They were exteremly helpful throughout our search. Always came up-with new options. Really recommend them!

Michael Stember
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Santa Monica Restaurant Space

707-715 Pico Blvd,Santa Monica,CA,90405,US

707-715 Pico Blvd,Santa

Santa Monica, CA
$ 3,150.00/mo


900 square feet

1418 7th St,Santa Monica,CA,90401,US

1418 7th St,Santa Monic

Santa Monica, CA
$ 1,868.75/mo


975 square feet

2502 Main St,Santa Monica,CA,90405,US

2502 Main St,Santa Moni

Santa Monica, CA
$ 11,050.00/mo


1,700 square feet

2901 Ocean Park Blvd,Santa Monica,CA,90405,US

2901 Ocean Park Blvd,Sa

Santa Monica, CA
$ 7,466.67/mo


1,400 square feet

300-306 Pico Blvd,Santa Monica,CA,90405,US

300-306 Pico Blvd,Santa

Santa Monica, CA
$ 17,791.67/mo


3,500 square feet

400-416 Broadway,Santa Monica,CA,90401,US

400-416 Broadway,Santa

Santa Monica, CA
$ 9,400.00/mo


2,350 square feet

211 Broadway,Santa Monica,CA,90401,US

211 Broadway,Santa Moni

Santa Monica, CA
$ 16,197.50/mo


2,046 square feet

1447 Lincoln Blvd,Santa Monica,CA,90401,US

1447 Lincoln Blvd,Santa

Santa Monica, CA
$ 13,666.67/mo


2,000 square feet

2936 Main St,Santa Monica,CA,90405,US

2936 Main St,Santa Moni

Santa Monica, CA
$ 30,201.50/mo


8,629 square feet

717-719 Broadway,Santa Monica,CA,90401,US

717-719 Broadway,Santa

Santa Monica, CA
$ 12,250.00/mo


3,000 square feet

2624-2636 Wilshire Blvd,Santa Monica,CA,90403,US

2624-2636 Wilshire Blvd

Santa Monica, CA
$ 15,470.83/mo


3,950 square feet

2720 Lincoln Blvd,Santa Monica,CA,90405,US

2720 Lincoln Blvd,Santa

Santa Monica, CA
$ 11,900.00/mo


1,700 square feet

1501 Broadway,Santa Monica,CA,90404,US

1501 Broadway,Santa Mon

Santa Monica, CA
$ 71,903.00/mo


11,062 square feet

3205 Pico Blvd,Santa Monica,CA,90405,US

3205 Pico Blvd,Santa Mo

Santa Monica, CA
$ 30,237.50/mo


4,838 square feet

2727 Main St,Santa Monica,CA,90405,US

2727 Main St,Santa Moni

Santa Monica, CA
$ 15,055.83/mo


3,115 square feet

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